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Our metalworking competence

Our service portfolio includes the processing of a wide range of
materials, from steel and stainless steel through to aluminium. We also specialise in complex components for welded structures. Thanks to our experience, we can ensure that you receive the highest level of professionalism throughout your project -from the prototype to the final product. Whether it’s a standard product or 100% your own idea …… We make it happen

Customer satisfaction is at the very core of our business. That means you can rely on our competence for all your projects – whether welded components, sheet metal forming, hall and silo construction, turned parts, agricultural technology or castings.


Quality since 2007

The company

We are a globally operating trading enterprise with production plants in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey. We offer an extensive range of products thanks to the diverse specialisations of our production plants. And you’ve come to the right place if you need help with individual requirements.
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A wide range of processes and materials for your welded components


Long goods pallets

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Transport racks

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Glass transport racks

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Transportgestell Automobilindustrie und Nutzfahrzeuge

Transport racks for the automotive industry

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Lager- und Betriebs einrichtungen

Warehouse and operating equipment

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Sonstige Schweiß konstruktionen

Other welded components

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Outstanding quality

Certified production plants

Our services have undergone diverse certification processes and audits and meet the highest requirements for the performance of welding work, the welding of rail vehicles and parts or fusion welding processes. See for yourself!